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How can my company be featured at the Five Star Creditors' Rights Conference?

For additional information on how to get involved or how to position your company as a leader in the creditors’ rights space, call The Five Star Institute at 214-525-6700, or contact us via web form on this page.

Who should attend?

The Five Star Creditors’ Rights Conference is specifically designed to benefit any professional working in the creditors’ rights space, including:

  • Legal Professionals
  • Banking and Finance Executives
  • Government Agencies
  • Industries Supporting the Legal Community
What topics will be covered at the Five Star Creditors' Rights Conference?

The conference will focus on seven key areas in the creditors rights space, including auto finance (REPLEVIN), unsecured debt and credit cards, FDCPA and compliance, students loans, health care, payday lending, and foreclosure (bankruptcy, HOA, evictions, probate, REPLEVIN).

Within these topics, our expert speakers will cover a wide range of key ideology, such as the current state of and any pending changes in regulation.

Is the Creditors' Rights Conference looking for expert speakers?

The Five Star Institute is always looking for qualified experts to help direct content and lead our events. If you have either topics or a speaker that you would like to recommend for the event, please contact us initially via web form on this page and expect to email your bio and subject expertise once a Five Star Institute team member has contacted you.

What is the Legal League 100?

The Legal League 100 is the premier professional association of financial services law firms in the United States. With more than 100 member law firms spanning nearly 50 states and an organic, firm-driven leadership structure, the Legal League 100 is uniquely positioned to drive progress in the mortgage servicing industry.

The Legal League 100 is a leading force for industry standards, market research, and policy change. In a time of industry transition, the Legal League 100 stands committed to supporting the mortgage servicing industry through education, communication, relationship development, and advisory services.

For information on joining the Legal League 100, please call The Five Star Institute at 214-525-6700 or reach FSI directly via the web form on this page.